CAT is a talking therapy that focuses on the way we relate to ourselves and other people. CAT will take you on a journey to look at your past experiences and relationships to help you understand why you think, feel and act as you do. CAT is based on the idea that as children we cope with difficult situations by developing strategies to manage them. However, if we continue to use them even when they are no longer needed, these patterns may lead to difficulties.

Who it can benefit:

CAT is helpful for people suffering from depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. It can be beneficial for people who repeatedly feel let down, hurt or rejected or who may do things that are harmful or self-defeating.

How I will apply it to work with you

CAT is effective when we form a trusting relationship so I will work carefully to do this. I will help you make sense of your situation and find new, healthier ways to cope with your problems. You will piece together patterns that keep you feeling stuck in negative cycles of emotions and repeating things that you don’t want to. CAT is a time-limited therapy, typically lasting around 12 to 16 weeks.

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