Emotionally focused therapy is an approach for working with individuals, couples and families that helps to create and reinforce secure, resilient relationships. Sometimes emotions overcome logic. In relationships, emotionally focused therapy can help you better understand your own emotions and those of others. It can help you to break cycles of negative emotional responses.

Who it can benefit:

For individuals, it can help improve emotion-related issues. It may be used for people who have suffered abuse, experience anxiety and for eating disorders. For couples, it can improve situations of conflict, poor communication, insecurity, loss of trust, and fears of abandonment. For families, it can promote resilience within the unit, promote secure bonds, and deal with the complexities of family life.

How I will apply it to work with you

In emotionally focused therapy, you will learn to better understand your emotions and those of others. Together, we will explore those emotions that are helpful or unhelpful and learn to change unhelpful ones while using helpful ones to guide behaviour. You will develop alternative ways of coping with situations through emotion coaching.

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