This type of therapy looks at a family system, and the relationships between people, rather than the individuals within it. It enables family members to articulate and explore views, opinions, feelings and emotions that may be uncomfortable in a safe manner. It will help each understand the experiences and opinions of those close to them. They will be encouraged to recognise each other’s needs and build upon their individual and shared strengths.

Who it can benefit:

Family therapy is used for families who want to improve their relationships and can also benefit family units where one or more members are struggling with mental illness, addiction or disability. This type of therapy can be helpful when a family experiences stressful situations such as a dispute, conflict, financial hardship, the death of a loved one or divorce. The techniques of family therapy can also be applied to couples.

How I will apply it to work with you

I guide family members to express and safely explore difficult thoughts and emotions in a non-judgemental manner. I will help you understand each other’s views, feelings and experiences, and appreciate each other’s needs while building on strengths. The aim is to improve communication and find ways to move forward together.

*See also Systemic therapy.

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