The name Gestalt is derived from the German for ‘whole’ or ‘pattern’. It considers the individual as a whole, who exists within their present surroundings, rather than breaking things down into parts. As well as exploring your past, Gestalt therapy is particularly concerned with how you feel in the here and now.

Who it can benefit:

Gestalt therapy is effective in helping with issues such as anxiety, stress, tension, depression and addiction. It is also beneficial for people who experience relationship problems and low self-esteem.

How I will apply it to work with you

In this approach, I will help you to focus on the here and now and your immediate thoughts, feelings and behaviour. The aim is for you to better understand how you relate to others and to situations. By doing so, it can help you find a new, positive perspective on problems and bring about changes in your life. Gestalt techniques may include acting out and working through scenarios and dream recall. Your relationship with me as your therapist is important in working through Gestalt therapy and how you relate to others.

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