Before you begin working with me as a counsellor and therapist, it’s useful that you understand the types of therapies I will be using.

Counselling and psychotherapy can appear to be filled with jargon. I recognise that what is important to you is to feel better rather than trying to understand lots of different terms.

However, if you have a little understanding of the actual techniques behind the jargon, you can then appreciate the approach being taken. You can gain insight into what it is you will be achieving as well as how and why.

An integrative therapist like myself will blend different approaches and tools within certain types of therapies.

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Do any, all, or some of the above therapeutic approaches resonate with you? Can you see yourself in some of the issues described? Do you feel that one, or a combination of, the therapies will be of benefit to you? Or do you simply want to learn more? If so, get in touch for a friendly and empathetic conversation so we can explore how to get started.